Purpose of Submit Your Story:

We all go through challenges and obstacles in life, but it’s up to us to determine whether we sink or swim. Some people may know my story already, about overcoming bullying and teasing as a child, conquering self-esteem issues, breaking away from an unhealthy relationship, and running the rat race of corporate America. From those dark times, I've grown and used the experiences to start my own clothing line, because I refuse to sink and let my spirit die.

While attending different events in 2016, I met some wonderful individuals who, like me, experienced challenging situations which encouraged them to start their own businesses. Independent self-publishing authors, mentor-ship programs, non-profit organizations, photographers, media personalities, make-up artists, and even online clothing boutiques were some of the businesses, which, just by meeting them and hearing their stories, inspired me even more. I also met people who told me I inspired them. Whenever someone tells me that, I get a little shaken because I never thought I had that power.

 The world is in a critical state right now with too much negativity. For 2017 and beyond, I believe we will need to inspire and uplift each other more than ever by sharing some words of encouragement, supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs, volunteering, or just listening to someone who is trying to see some light at the end of a dark tunnel.

I am thrilled to share the Submit Your Story campaign on NMVB website. I would like to give you an opportunity to share how you overcame a challenge or obstacle to be the person you are today. The stories don't have to be too personal; just something inspiring and encouraging, since we never know who might be experiencing a similar situation. The videos will be posted on www.ninamoniquevb.com in the Submit Your Story page and personal information will be kept private.

How do you enter the Submit Your Story Campaign?

  1. Submit a video or 500 word write up detailing your story.
  2. Submit 2 high resolution pictures of yourself and consent to share your story and pictures or videos
  3. Send this info to info@ninamoniquevb.com

We can't wait to be inspired by YOU!!!!!


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