Meet The Owner Nina

Nina Monique Voluptuous Boutique (NMVB) is a clothing line created for voluptuous plus size women. Our collection reflects a style that is corporate, rebellious, and sexy all rolled into one. Each piece is made specifically with the curvy woman in mind. Our fabric is chosen for comfort and our patterns to match our fearless, confident, and bold customers. NMVB believes there is nothing like embracing your curves and accepting all the unique qualities that make you beautiful. 

“I created this line because society feels that a plus size woman should be covered, but in reality when we have the right size, along with the right cut, our clothes will complement our curvy figure. There is nothing like embracing your curves and accepting the beautiful woman that was created to be different from the rest”.

Meet Nina 

Nina Monique Spain is the CEO & Founder of Nina Monique Voluptuous Boutique. Founded in 2012, NMVB was created for the rebellious, corporate, sexy modern day voluptuous woman who desires clothing that fits her diverse lifestyle. Whether it’s a night out on the town, social time with friends, or a business presentation, NMVB provides the right clothing for any occasion. Prior to starting her clothing line, Nina Monique worked in Investment Banking for various well known top tier investment firms in NYC.  However, after a while she felt unappreciated and decided to take what she learned and redirect her focus into becoming an entrepreneur. It was in Investment Banking where she met a colleague who introduced her to Independent Designer, Tiffany Sheppard, out of Harlem, NY. Both women share a love for fashion and collaborated to bring bold color schemes, fabric choices, designs, and unique styles to the scene.

Hailing from Paterson, NJ, Nina Monique is a relatable woman. During her child and adulthood she experienced many trials and tribulations like fending off bullies, struggling with self-esteem, fitting in Corporate America, and surviving an unhealthy relationship, among many of the other challenges. Nina decided to not only create a clothing line but to also share her story to inspire other children and women to be proud of who they are and never let anyone take away your power.    

“Through my brand I not only want to provide stylish clothing for plus size women, but I also want to encourage others to realize we control our individual worlds. It’s okay to be bold, confident, independent and voluptuous despite the negative comments coming from individuals who think with a closed mind. It’s important you always remain positive, humble and know at all times you deserve the best out of life. Never settle or give up on your dreams”.


 Nina Monique Spain-CEO

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